Branding: A day in the life

Social Media continues to gain popularity and grow as time goes on, and it is a place where people go to connect with others. For me personally, I visit Facebook and Instagram the most often of the accounts I have. I enjoy these sites as it is easy to connect with family, co-workers and friends and stay up-to-date with what they are doing. Additionally, both of these sites allow users to privately message other people, which allow them to make connections and get to know others as well.

For the most part I have positive reactions when using digital media. I always enjoy seeing what others are up to and seeing updates from friends on the News Feed. Also, social media allows for us to know when our friends have birthdays and wish them a Happy Birthday. I think we all remember back to our days in elementary school when you would bring in treats to share for your class on your birthday, and having friends take the time to post on your timeline gives a little bit of a flashback to those days. Obviously there are some negatives when using certain types of digital media, which occurs when other people use these bases to post negative comments or their own beliefs. I think back to the past election and can remember the amount of people that shared their own thoughts and negative comments about either of the candidates. It became so burdensome that some people deleted their accounts, and others threatened to un-friend those who don’t have beliefs that line up with theirs. I don’t think this is proper use of Social Media and is something that I believe leads to negative reactions of social media.

I find that my needs are satisfied using digital media, and I think I find this with Facebook and Instagram over others like Twitter or Pinterest. These sites allow for friends to connect with others and share things they are interested about, which is what I find to be the purpose of the account. I also have experience using Facebook as a business, which I use to run an account for my bakery page, something I do as a hobby. This allows me to showcase my product, grow my business, and draw in more customers.

Needles Bakery LogoWhile I don’t usually receive emails from these companies for my personal accounts, I do receive weekly emails from Facebook for the Needles Bakery page. These emails show weekly involvement, and share information on new page likes, insights, and views. These allow me to see when my page is being noticed, and by what type of demographic.

I think the use of digital media in marketing today is at the highest it ever has been, and continues to grow. It has become very easy for followers to like or subscribe to an organizations page, which allows them to see any updates made to the page. This is certainly true in sports, as organizations use social media to share news, photos, and other behind the scenes footage. As newspapers tend to go unread, people now turn to digital media to get caught up on news, such as scores and headlines of their sports teams. Instead of waiting until the next day to learn about the news, it can now be done instantly by logging onto social media accounts and reading it there.

To conclude, digital media sites and applications continue to be downloaded and used by people from all around the world. This allows them to connect with others, meet new people, and follow what their friends are doing. As the digital world continues to progress and develop, I expect to see increased usage and newer ways to connect with others.


Author: Alex Needles

I am a student at Southern New Hampshire University, where I am majoring in Sports Management.

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