Marketing Perspective

The role influencers have in marketing is becoming increasingly important, as they reach more people than previous marketing techniques. With Social Media on the rise and the new generation of millennials always on social media platforms, the increasing use and importance of these influencers goes without mention. Personally, I do not tend to follow these “influencers”, as I tend to keep my social media profiles personal and only follow people I am close with. That said, I do follow many sports teams and athletes, which brings the concept of influencers to a new level.

As athletes sign onto partnerships with leading sporting apparel companies, part of the deal is that they must use their personal accounts to post ads for the business. This is a secret way of using influencers to grow the brand, as they are relying on people who already have a major following. I have seen this done primarily by athletes of the United States Women’s National Soccer team, as players such as Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara post frequent ads for Nike and Under Armour, respectively, which feature them wearing apparel made by the company. I think this trend will continue to rise as more athletes from different sports sign partnerships with companies.

Doing this type of marketing reaches more people than would typically see ads or posts from the company. Instead, you are entering a new market, and a higher following rate could be expected afterwards. Knowing that millions of people will see it if these influencers share the ad is a major plus and the hefty pay check is worth it, as the company would likely be paying even more to try and get that many views in a different setting. The strategy I see in nearly every one of these examples of influencers in product placements. Whether it be an athlete wearing a Nike shirt or a social media blogger wearing the Jimmy Johns logo for a few videos, all of these are getting the logo out there and visible to the viewers. Simply having a product in sight during a video can go a long way.

These influencers play a huge role in marketing, and are at the forefront of the new age of marketing. As time goes on, I expect to see more and more companies using influencers to help in their marketing campaigns. While commercials with always be a major place to have advertisements, using influencers on social media platforms will soon be near the same level as on television. Lastly, marketing perspective is a great topic, and has a major impact on the relationship between the company and consumer. If a viewer sees a celebrity they follow using a product of a business, they will almost certainly be more likely to try that out. For example, if a viewer sees the influencer eating Subway or wearing Nike Football training gloves, they will want to have one of those products. This is something that was originally found in commercial advertisements, but is now making its way through influencers.

Overall I think influencers are the newest and best way of marketing, and their use and popularity will continue to grow as time goes on.


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Author: Alex Needles

I am a student at Southern New Hampshire University, where I am majoring in Sports Management.

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